A Wicked Maine Aviation Summer

No matter what our age, the fascination of aviation is always a guaranteed good time!

As school ends and summer begins, the challenge for activities for kids of all ages starts. Whether you’re a local Mainer or just visiting “from away,” Maine has lots of aviation-related museums to check out across the state. I’ll be highlighting some of these museums throughout the summer. But, until then you can get a headstart on your summer road trips; here’a a list of aviation museums that are well worth the trip!

Maine Air Museum – Bangor www.maineairmuseum.com

Cole Transportation Museum – Bangor www.colemuseum.org

Owls Head Transportation Museum – Owls Head www.owlshead.org

Moosehead Lake Aviation Museum – Greenville mooseheadhistory.org/aviation-museum

Brunswick Naval Museum and Memorial Gardens – Brunswick www.brunswicknavalmuseum.org

Loring Military Heritage Center – Limestone www.loringmilitaryheritagecenter.com

Maine Military Hirsorical Society – Augusta www.mainemilmuseum.org

Presque Isle Air Museum – Presque Isle presqueisleair.mainememory.net/page/2686/display.html

Not all of the museums are open every day. Make sure to check the website to ensure it’s open before setting out for a visit. Unless of course you’re into impromptu visits to the world’s second largest ball of twine instead! (Which if you’re wondering, neither the second or the first largest is in Maine, but in Minnesota and Kansas respectively! At least, that’s what Clark Griswald told me…)


Aviation events coming up:

Great State of Maine Airshow (Brunswick) August 26-27, 2017

44th Annual Seaplane Fly-In (Greensville/Moosehead) September 7-10, 2017


Have I missed any? Message me and let me know! I’d love to visit!

Allison Markey

About Allison Markey

Allison Markey’s love for aviation started at a young age. From before she could speak, she was going to local airshows and playing with toy airplanes in her backyard in Pennsylvania. Follow her blog to learn about the amazing world of aviation in Maine.